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Easy Pet Hair Cleaning Hacks

Posted on 03 July 2018 by admin (0)

Loving pets is easy, yet cleaning up after their excessive shedding could take more patience, especially if you are a first time pet owner.

It is healthy and normal for most cats and dogs to shed, particularly in spring as their coats prepare for warmer temperature. Several breeds are more prone to shedding compared to other pets, so if pet hair is troublesome, you must see out breeds that shed less. However, even if you do have shedders on your hands, there are several easy remedies you may use when reducing the mess.

Easy Pet Hair Cleaning Hacks

There are lots of anti-shed items you can avail in the market, yet you do not have to waste your money. Below are some of the cleaning tips for pet hair that you can consider:

Use a Squeegee Brush on the Carpets

After doing several passes with vacuum, you might think that your carpet is clean, yet you’re wrong. After vacuuming, run the squeegee brush across the area to capture the tiny hairs that were left behind.

Textured Rubber Gloves Can Be Your New Best Friend

Naturally, pet dander accumulates on soft surfaces including couches, carpets, curtains, and pet beds. One way to fight against this buildup is vacuuming, yet when you don’t have much time, you may just slip on your textured rubber gloves and start wiping that across the hairy area. The small grippers loosen up stuck pet hair and since it is in your hand already, you may walk it right over to the trash bin.

Try Balloons to Attract Pet Hair

You know how hair stands up once you rub latex balloons on it? It’s the same principle that works for your pet hair. You may use the static electricity’s natural power to collect piles of hair quickly on solid surfaces including wood where it has the tendency to scatter.

Wet Your Hands

Are you in a hurry? Try getting your hands wet and rub them across the target areas. Wipe in downward motion and watch as it does wonder when cleaning pet hair with ease.

Try Using a Scrubbing Sponge

The sponge in your sink might help you collect pet hair. If the sponge in your kitchen has rough scouring side, you may use it to easily and quickly clean pet hair off the soft surfaces like upholstered furniture and carpets.

Invest in Pet Hair Vacuum

There are times that paying a bit more is worth it, particularly when you are a pet owner. If you are feeling like you are losing the battle to combat buildup of pet dander, consider buying a vacuum cleaner that is made for trapping fur or pet hair.

Try Some Coconut Oil

Healthy pets are less likely to shed. Once you notice that your pet is losing more hair, try adding some spoonfuls of quality coconut oil to her or his food or even applying it topically to reduce hair loss. Once used properly, this superfood is good for digestion and may help promote a shiny and glossy coat.