Questions to Ask When Shopping for the Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair

Posted on 15 July 2018 (0)

It is true that the best cordless vacuum for pet hair is a must-have for all pet owners. However, before you decide to purchase this kind of cleaning machine, there are a few questions that you have to get the answer for to ensure that your decision will be a hit and not a miss.

Best cordless vacuum for pet hairWhere are You Planning to Use the Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair?

Are there rugs scattered around your house or will you only need the vacuum for your curtains, couches, as well as other pieces of furniture? It is a very important factor that you have to consider when you go shopping for these cleaning units for since there are models which are made only for specific surfaces. When you have multiple places or surfaces to clean, it is best that you get a model that is more versatile. Look for a vacuum which can work effectively on carpet, linoleum, tile, and more.

How Large is Your Home?

The size of your home is going to determine the power or size of your chosen unit. When your home is a bit larger, you will want to get a unit which can go for extended time with no need to be charged again or one which has no cord for you to move around with ease. You will also want something that has the ability of holding large quantities of dirt so there is no need for you to empty it again and again. If you have a small home, you may go with smaller models as it’ll take up less room and much be easier to carry around.

What Are the Accessories Included?

Some of the best cordless vacuums for pet hair come with accessories like the poles to clean curtain or several brushes for the upholstery of your car. Compare accessories and check the models before buying to ensure that you have the tools required to clean each surface in your house. Among the other accessories you should look for are a crevice tool, ceiling fan tool, mattress tool, brush for hardwood floors, and an extension tool.

Cordless vacuum for pet hairWhat is the Maintenance Required?

Keeping your house free from allergens and pet hair depends on you as much as the unit you have chosen. You have to maintain your machine if you like to get the best possible results every time. For you to know how to provide proper care and maintenance to your vacuum, keep these following tips in mind:

  • Clean Filters – For the models with removable filters, you must take them out and wash or dust them off. However, before you do this, make sure to check your unit’s manual first. Some filters can be cleaned gently with the use of a rag to wipe off dust or pet hair.
  • Clean Its Outer Casing – The unit’s exterior has to be maintained as well, so make sure to wipe it down on a regular basis.
  • Clean and Empty the Tank – It’s an important area to focus on. You must not only empty the tank, but also you have to clean it. You may use water and warm soap to keep the tank new and it will also prevent build up of dust that will get into the motor.

Easy Pet Hair Cleaning Hacks

Posted on 03 July 2018 (0)

Loving pets is easy, yet cleaning up after their excessive shedding could take more patience, especially if you are a first time pet owner.

It is healthy and normal for most cats and dogs to shed, particularly in spring as their coats prepare for warmer temperature. Several breeds are more prone to shedding compared to other pets, so if pet hair is troublesome, you must see out breeds that shed less. However, even if you do have shedders on your hands, there are several easy remedies you may use when reducing the mess.

Easy Pet Hair Cleaning Hacks

There are lots of anti-shed items you can avail in the market, yet you do not have to waste your money. Below are some of the cleaning tips for pet hair that you can consider:

Use a Squeegee Brush on the Carpets

After doing several passes with vacuum, you might think that your carpet is clean, yet you’re wrong. After vacuuming, run the squeegee brush across the area to capture the tiny hairs that were left behind.

Textured Rubber Gloves Can Be Your New Best Friend

Naturally, pet dander accumulates on soft surfaces including couches, carpets, curtains, and pet beds. One way to fight against this buildup is vacuuming, yet when you don’t have much time, you may just slip on your textured rubber gloves and start wiping that across the hairy area. The small grippers loosen up stuck pet hair and since it is in your hand already, you may walk it right over to the trash bin.

Try Balloons to Attract Pet Hair

You know how hair stands up once you rub latex balloons on it? It’s the same principle that works for your pet hair. You may use the static electricity’s natural power to collect piles of hair quickly on solid surfaces including wood where it has the tendency to scatter.

Wet Your Hands

Are you in a hurry? Try getting your hands wet and rub them across the target areas. Wipe in downward motion and watch as it does wonder when cleaning pet hair with ease.

Try Using a Scrubbing Sponge

The sponge in your sink might help you collect pet hair. If the sponge in your kitchen has rough scouring side, you may use it to easily and quickly clean pet hair off the soft surfaces like upholstered furniture and carpets.

Invest in Pet Hair Vacuum

There are times that paying a bit more is worth it, particularly when you are a pet owner. If you are feeling like you are losing the battle to combat buildup of pet dander, consider buying a vacuum cleaner that is made for trapping fur or pet hair.

Try Some Coconut Oil

Healthy pets are less likely to shed. Once you notice that your pet is losing more hair, try adding some spoonfuls of quality coconut oil to her or his food or even applying it topically to reduce hair loss. Once used properly, this superfood is good for digestion and may help promote a shiny and glossy coat.

The Top Four Reasons you should hire a Dog Walker.

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How do you feel when you leave your best pal home alone? For anyone who loves their dog, leaving their little friend alone for long periods of time can make them feel guilty and uncomfortable. Truth be told, despite the fact that you love your pets so much, you still have other responsibilities to attend to. Perhaps you have classes to take over the weekend or have to work for long hours or take the kids for soccer practice. There are times when you will have to be away from your dog.

The fact that the amount of time you get to spend with your best pal is limited doesn’t mean your dog shouldn’t get the fulfillment it needs every day. Whether it’s your career or personal life that’s left you with less time for your dog, hiring a reliable dog walker will take away the feeling of guilt and ensure your dog gets the much-needed break every day. Not convinced? Here’s why it’s important to hire a dog walker.


If you are a dog owner, you at least know that dogs need exercise just like humans to stay in a healthy condition. Exercise is not limited to physical fitness but mental exercise as well. No matter the age or type of your dog, exercise is an essential need. Note that some dogs need more exercise than others. However, the average dog requires between thirty minutes and two hours of exercise every other day. The last thing a dog owner wants to deal with is serious medical and health issues arising from lack of proper exercise for their canine friend.

Mental Stimulation

One of the things you have noticed with your canine friend is that she can be very destructive when bored. Walking your dog isn’t just for physical exercise but also mental stimulation. Since you’re away, hiring a dog walker allows your best pal to have someone to hang around with and see and explore interesting things. Note that some dogs tend to show agitated activity especially when no one is home. Having a dog walker spend time with your pet animal ensures she remains mentally alert, entertained, and calmer.

Bathroom Breaks

Well, like most dog owners, having an outdoor area where your canine friend can “go” and setting up potty pads indoors is a good idea. However, including daily walks with a human companion in her routine provides her with a potty break and as she can find relief. Your dog can’t just hold it all day when you’re away.

Long Work Hours

Running a business may mean having to work for long hours or traveling for business and spending a couple of days away from home. Your profession may also leave you with limited time at home. Leaving your dog alone for long hours can result in a destructive behavior even if you provide music, toys, and food. Provide your dog with a human companion so she can have the much-needed stimulation in her life. There’s nothing wrong with your dog trusting another person that she spends time with when you are not home. With a good dog walker at home with your canine friend, you can focus on your business or work without worrying as much about her.